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Direct Action Calls Begin to Flow

As the Bloomberg administration refuses to sanction even the most peaceful and organized of RNC protests, calls for more aggressive tactics are surfacing. An "open call for electronic civil disobedience against the Republican Party, conservative think-tanks, corporate news vehicles, and other institutions who participate in the machinery of war, wage-slavery and imperialism" has been posted to TheHacktivist.com.

One post to the NYC IMC, Putting NYC On the Map, Direct Action Groups Bring Tactic to RNC, says, "If past actions are any indication, New Yorkers can expect to see people sitting down in the middle of the street, blocking corporate entrances or bridges or making the lives of visiting Republican delegates a living hell." Another calls for "A show of REAL militance at the RNC." Both are sparking serious discussion and critique.

The New York Times is more right than they know when they call the rejection of UFPJ's permit an "an invitation to disorder... The demonstrators have a right to a central rallying place in which they can speak and be heard. Depriving them of that would also present a far greater threat of spontaneous protests the police might not be able to control."

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