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Have a comment for the White House?

May 5-7, from 9:00am-5:00pm, the payphone at Washington Square Park South and La Guardia Place will be an open hotline to the White House. Courtesy of the Documentary Campaign, which secured the phone from the Parks Department, anyone who wants to can make their voices heard for a movie that will be released during the Republican National Convention.

You can add that movie to the many RNC-related artistic projects described by Julie Salamon in today's New York Times. One interesting tidbit: the Upper West Side's Symphony Space will be running political satire every night of the convention and encouraging people to stay afterwards to watch the Republicans on TV: "'You can get wine and beer and even popcorn to throw at the screen in congenial company,' said Isaiah Sheffer, artistic director of Symphony Space, who organized similar shows during the Vietnam War and Watergate but not since."

I think he means drink the beer and throw the popcorn, but still...

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The Daily News stopped by the "call Bush" film shoot on Thursday.

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