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Daily News Blogging Smackdown!!

A few of us at RNCWatch are getting more and more suspicious of that front-page Daily News article "Anarchy Threat to City: Cops Fear Hard-Core Lunatics Plotting Convention Chaos" from a few days back. Not only have we been unable to find the source of the "gunpowder" quotes, but the instructions about what to do at shooting ranges sound like they're more out of a cop-manual than any anachist website.

In that spirit, we've issued the following challenge to right-wing weblogs that have publicized the Daily News piece.

Here's what we wrote:

"Because of bloggers like yourself and other credulous media organizations, this article has been plastered around the world as if it were true. So, those of us at RNC Watch are challenging you. Find the website that this internet posting was on, within the next 72 hours ... We know that bloggers love nothing more than a good challenge, and we know that they’re proud of their abilities to draw on a wide range of sources in order to dig up obscure information on line. Here are the ground rules: we’ll note the challenge on our blog, the webmasters we challenged and those that accepted. If you if you accept, email us back at this address to let us know, and mention the challenge on your blog. If you find the url with the posting, we’ll loudly eat humble pie on our website. If you cannot find it by Monday, July 19, at 1:00 am, however, you will agree note the fact on your weblog."

We sent out this email to the following websites: A Small Victory || Insignificant Thoughts || The Common Virtue || Right Wing News || Little Green Footballs || Rob Bernard

We'll keep you updated on who takes up the gauntlet, as well as what they find.

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just make sure they dont create it and pretend that it was posted prior to the daily news piece. i spent an hour trying to find it and im very good at searches. its bullshit. the news repeated kelly's message verbatim. kelly is the liar.

Posted by: yahoo | Jul 15, 2004 11:07:55 AM

Oh I get it. You "think" the site is a lie, and since you can't find it on Google, it must be.

So instead of attacking the primary source, you attack the people who use the primary source and challenge them to disprove information based on:

1. A site they never said they knew.
2. A claim they never made.
3. Some vague idea that this might be a lie just because you can't find the site.

I'll set the record straight as far as Insignificant Thoughts goes. I will not be responding to your challenge.

I will, however, as I've done in the past (which I'm sure you don't know since you probably read about three posts on my entire site if that many) retract the commentary on the story I posted if it is ever proven (not assumed, not believed, and not speculated based on any prior accounts on Indymedia) that the information presented in that story is untrue.

In other words, the burden of proof is on you to prove it's false, since you're disputing the accuracy of the article, not me to prove it's accurate.

I look forward to all the great fact checking done on this site in the future, as I'm sure you would never print something here without thoroughly vetting out all your sources, right?

Posted by: Vinny | Jul 16, 2004 9:29:35 AM


You're argument is somewhat incomprehensible, so I'm not sure that I can respond to it.

I will say, however, that several of your right-wing colleagues are better people than you, as they've seen it fit to try to find the source for the Daily News story. We're not "attacking" your site: as far as I'm concerned you can print whatever you want on your blog, whether its true, false, or a tall-tale about a blue ox named "Babe."

I did think, however, that you might be interested in helping find the sources of a story that you prominently linked to on your website. Whether you are or are not is none of my concern.

Finally, you wrote: "in other words, the burden of proof is on you to prove it's false, since you're disputing the accuracy of the article, not me to prove it's accurate."

Fine. As of now, its false. The site does not exist, nor has it been possible to find any records of the posts that were quoted in the Daily News after literally hours upon hours of searching. So. Prove me wrong. Find it.

Posted by: Chris | Jul 16, 2004 10:14:59 AM

They are so busted. This is the most flat-out ridiculous shit I've ever heard. Anarchists are more likely to spend their time arguing over the ehtics of lunch than launch any such crazed scheme.

And I looked for it too. No luck. Because the Daily News and/or Kelly made it the fuck up.

Posted by: Jed | Jul 16, 2004 1:22:28 PM

Of course its bullshit. Everyone in New York, or anyone who has ever read the Daily News for 30 seconds or more knows its a rag mag. If you take out the advertisements and sports pages about the Yankees, then you have about ten to twelve pages of fluff about celbrities and actual "news" aquired primarily from news wire sources.

There are High School newspapers with more credible sources and hard hitting journalism.

Plus is it any surprise that Ray Kelly is a liar selling/feeding us fear as his excuse to justify the NYPD roughing up protestors and utilizing mass arrests to disrupt the protests.

Would you beleive anything out of the former Comissioner of US Customs, who no doubt truly beleives that the "War on Drugs" is really working.

Kelly has made a career on selling fear, just take a look. He is nothing more than a self righteous conservative Horse's ass.

Posted by: Aazam | Jul 17, 2004 3:31:59 AM

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