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Sierra Club: How the Bush Administration's Reckless Disregard of 9/11 Toxic Hazards Poses Long-Term Threats for New York City & the Nation

The Sierra Club released today a major 180-page report titled ""Air Pollution and Deception at Ground Zero: How the Bush Administration's Reckless Disregard of 9/11 Toxic Hazards Poses Long-Term Threats for New York City and the Nation" criticizing the Bush administration's handling of the post-9/11 clean-up in downtown New York.

Newsday writes: " The Bush administration misled the public about the health hazards of
the smoke and dust at Ground Zero, a new report charges. The Sierra Club report blames the thousands of cases of long-term respiratory illness among New Yorkers on the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for downplaying the health risks and shirking their regulatory oversight roles. EPA officials, the report says, urged financial district workers to return to their jobs, repeatedly claiming the air was safe, using outdated testing gear and limited test results. The reassuring message didn't substantially change as the months dragged on, the report said. At the same time, concerns were being raised by independent researchers. The EPA's own researchers also noted concerns, but their studies never made it into the agency's public statements. The results were published only much later in scientific journals. || Read AP article on the Sierra Club report]

Meanwhile the new edition of The Indypendent features an article on this issue titled "Foul Air Fallout":

"When liberal pundits examine the lies of the Bush administration too often they begin and end on the subject of Iraq. But as the GOP prepares to come to New York to celebrate the Bush/Cheney team, recall the words of Christine Todd Whitman: 'Our tests show that it is safe for New Yorkers to go back to work in New York’s financial district.' But there were no tests – at least none that would have told the government all was safe. Unlike on Iraq, the Bush administration can’t try to blame this lie on faulty intelligence. Only later did we learn scientists found the residue from the Twin Towers was as corrosive as drain cleaner. And that between 100 and 1,000 tons of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were released into the local environment. In fact, the city had never witnessed an incident that resulted in the release of more airborne toxins." Read More

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Why is the organization blaming the Bush administration. They were not the group that caused the air pollution. That was caused by Arab terrorists.

Posted by: WillieStark | Aug 21, 2004 1:38:37 PM

Of course the Bushie appointees in the EPA didn't give a damn about really testing conditions for NY workers. After all, Bush ignored warnings of impending Al Qaeda attacks inside the US all of the year 2001, and fiddled about while 4 hijackers learned how to fly commercial planes. The administration fucked up bad, and immediately after, all they could think was, "Let's make the best of this mess; exploit it to push our freedom-reducing agenda and our military world dominance even further than we have. Thanks Mr Bin Laden, you gave us a Christmas gift in September".

So why should Bush give a rat's ass about NY air and citizen health, when the only purpose of his visits was to use Ground Zero as a propaganda stunt! Plus ca change...

Posted by: Russell | Aug 22, 2004 6:16:16 AM

This is a critical issue to speak about . . . This brings home why the concept of "us and them" between cops and activists is rediculous. If those who were so closely involved in the tragedy and aftermath REALLY UNDERSTAND how the Bush regime screwed THEM TOO, they can see how important it is to stand against the republican party and build a better world. We breathe the same air, in uniform or not!!

Of course, with years of "terrorist training", many cops will not, well, see our commonalities. Let's look in their eyes and see people who have been abused and brainwashed by the system. . . with creativity, compassion, and facts, lets get our message across.

I envision a world where if there is a power elite tied to violent polluting special interests, they'll need to work overtime, 'cause there won't be anyone willing to drive their trucks or cook their meals or hurd activists into protest pens!

Posted by: Ellen | Aug 26, 2004 1:30:02 AM

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