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June 29, 2005

Rumsfeld Urged To Start 'Do Not Call' List for Military Recruiting

The Leave My Child Alone coalition called on Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld today to establish a National Do Not Call List to safeguard family privacy from unwanted military recruitment. The call comes a week after it was disclosed that the Pentagon has teamed with the private firm BeNOW to form a massive database of high school and college students to target for recruitment purposes.

"Millions applauded when the FCC formed a Do Not Call List for consumers. Now we need the armed forces to create one to protect our children's privacy," says Megan Matson of the Leave My Child Alone coalition. "The Pentagon has no right to pressure our kids to enlist -- that should be a private, family decision."

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I didn't know there was a site out there like this! Are you trying to have recruting #'s dwindle so we can have a draft? Because if so Thank you, because then some people like you that want to just put a front on things and not act! I am saying you complain and complain but never solve things! I don't know any names to put with this site! Your not hiding behind a newspaper name are you! If so you are irrelivant!

Posted by: ErikHoltan | Jun 29, 2005 11:17:11 AM

I just went on to JackArmy's site, and saw you served in the military and complain you still have to! Did you read the fien print that you should have been WELL aware of in your initial contract? Boo Frickin Hoo that you are IRR still! Are you deployed?
If not then it is irrelevant that yu are IRR, because you don't even have to do anything! That is such a front! So, I guess you want the #'s to go down in recruiting so they don't have enough soldiers and you can be called! OK be careful what you wish for!
Also, don't tell me you never reaped any benefits of enlisting? College $, or permanent VA benefits, etc.?
If so, find another cause, because if it benefitted you once then how can you tell someone else they are being misled?
Yeah, I felt misled when I got to basic training, but I reaized I was just being a whiner! And so are you!

Posted by: Erik Holtan | Jun 29, 2005 11:26:24 AM


You whiney little idiot, to me this site is about STOPPING THIS STUPID, WASTEFUL WAR. Who wants themselves or their kids to be recruited or drafted when it's a war built on false pretenses, all about oil and profits, run by people who could care less if you died in it?

This is NOT a war about protecting American lives. Iraq was not threatening the U.S., and like the CIA says, we're more exposed and vulnerable today than we were before the war.

So, if you're okay with all of that, go back and fight for the energy corporations. We'll have nothing to do with it.

Posted by: JJ | Jun 29, 2005 12:15:17 PM


As I have said time and again, a national conversation on the draft is preferable to the currently immoral way we are going about finding enlisted soldiers and marines.

If this truly is a cause worth fighting for why are we watching recruiting and retention slip while no serious call is being made for volunteers? Simply put, the Administration is putting the entire weight of endless deployments and mobilizations on kids that are stop-lossed, recalled from the IRR and reservists that never in their wildest fantasies dreamt of spending two 365-day tours in Iraq. How about those 4,200 USAF airmen that enlisted to fix planes who are now manning M249s, MK-19s and M-2s protecting Army and Halliburton convoys because we have no soldiers to spare? The great thing is that the end is up for their jig - they can't hide the continuing implosion of Army, USAR and ARNG recruiting.

A few worthwhile comments about who I am. Yes, I volunteered to be in the Army, yes I am in the IRR and yes, I was an Active Duty Army Recruiter! I happen to know a thing or two about Army Recruiting, how it is structured and how it works. I can assure you that pre-2002, the IRR stipulation was glossed over in sales presentations as an entity needed only "in the event of WWIII." In 2002 I had recruiting colleagues that sold applicants on the lie that "this Iraq thing will be over by the time you finish your training." From my foxhole, this ain't WWIII and if it is, we'd better get the draft going like we did in WWI and WWII.

I cannot get out of the IRR even upon completion of my 8 year MSO. Since November 2004, the Army has, as a matter of course denied virtually all resignation requests from officers after completion of their MSO. In essence, you are in purgatory until "you number is called" and your life is interrupted/devastated 9, 10 or 11 years after you signed a contract to serve a total MSO of 8 years.

I will be recalled regardless of a draft. The USAR is 5,000 CPTs short and the ARNG is over 3,500 short. In addition, Active Army attrition of company grade officers is soaring. Lets put it this way ... if we recalled every LT and CPT out of the IRR, we could still not fill the existing vacancies.

For this, you can thank our "leaders" who have failed at every turn to give an honest assessment of our current personnel requirements and inventory capabilities.

Posted by: IRR Soldier... | Jun 29, 2005 2:29:44 PM

You are a United States Army officer? If so, why sir, would you undermine the efforts of military recruiters? If you support a draft, why not say so. Write your congressman. Recruiting has always been a tough business. Websites like this don't help, because they distort the truth. Sir, I am all for free speech. I, myself have a website of my own. You can say that are in competition with each other.

Posted by: SGT. Dave Davis | Jul 10, 2005 11:43:23 AM

If it "undermines" recruiting efforts to tell the truth, then so be it, I say. How can a military that claims to value honor use deceit as a means to trick teenagers into making a commitment that could cost them their lives? Tell the TRUTH, then at least young people have all the information they need to make an informed decision. Many will still be desperate enough to enlist, and many will enlist because they follow their hearts and that's where they're led, but they should be told the truth, no matter what.

Posted by: Molly | Jul 12, 2005 3:23:25 PM


I do tell them the truth. The thing is, that groups like these instill fear in these kids. I had three young men join recently. All of them picked combat arms jobs. COMBAT Engineer, another COMBAT Engineer, and a 17 year old (Who, BTW, needed his mother permission to join. And Whose mother read the statement BEFORE signing) Signed up for 5 years in the Infantry. I was surprised that they chose combat arms. These three young men obviously know what they want, and it isn't what you want, i.e. getting oneself blow up because they don't believe Mohammed or Osama bin Laden to be the Messiah.


Posted by: SGT. Dave Davis | Jul 12, 2005 9:36:16 PM

I pose this question... If a man enters your house with the intent to do harm will you defend yourself? Will you lay down like a little B!@tch and take it? Why is it so different when someone comes to our country with the intent to do harm? Will you not stand and defend the ones you love? I tell you this: keep laying down like the little B!@tches that you are, The Heros that have died fighting for their country have done more living in their short time on earth than you ever will. Sleep well tonight.

Posted by: JAMES | Aug 4, 2006 8:44:05 AM

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