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February 28, 2006

tomorrow at noon: U.S Military out of El Barrio

courtesy of my inbox:

Rally/Resist!!! - U.S Military out of El Barrio! - Wed, March 1st @ 12noon!

No more Boricua Body Bags! Come join the people of El barrio/East Harlem to demand the removal of the u.s. military from our community(s):

Wed, March 1st, 12noon
103d St. (between Lexington & Park aves)
(Take the number 6 train to 103d Street and then turn/walk left)

Boricua Body Bags

"This is a war that's been going on since the invasion of North America." - Pedro Pietri

In Puerto Rico and in Puerto Rican ghettos in the u.s, military recruitment of boricua bodies is
big bizness. While inferior inner-shitty schools mis-educate young people (or don't educate at
all), social programs are cut, and decent job opportunities dwindle (or don't even exist)
"careers" in the military are promoted as the only way out of a life of poverty for Puerto Ricans

Until the so called "Korean War" in the 1950s, soldiers from the island of Puerto Rico were
grouped in their own unit, the 65th Infantry Regiment. Used as cannon fodder by u.s.
commanders in that war against Korea, the regiment argued against this treatment and was
dissolved, and the Puerto Rican soldiers were dispersed into other units.

There are no "Puerto Rican armed forces," besides independentista ones like the Ejercito Popular
Boricua, a.k.a. Los Macheteros, but they are classified as "illegal" by the u.s. government
and therefore exist only in clandestinity. So the only "legal" armed force in Puerto Rico
is the u.s. military, whose commander in chief, the president of the united states, is elected
without the input of the people of Puerto Rico who do not have the right to vote for u.s.
presidents or u.s. congress either. In spite of this fact, since 1917, when the united states
government imposed u.s. citizenship on the people of Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans have fought and
died in all u.s. wars. And since World War II, Puerto Rico has suffered more casualties per
capita than any other US jurisdiction, and the rate is among the highest in the ongoing
conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Pentagon statistics.

In the so called "Vietnam conflict", Puerto Rican draft-aged men were con-scripted into service
with the u.s. military even though Puerto Rico did not have a voting representative in Congress
and most of the PR draftees did not speak English. More than 100 men were tried in Puerto
Rico for refusing to comply with draft laws during the so called "Vietnam War". If they
appealed, their appeals court was in Boston, where the appeal was heard in English. Puerto Ricans from the island and in the u.s. were also disproportionately represented in front-line combat units. They, like other poor people, also bore the brunt of casualties, during that war, as they continue to do today.

Besides the available use of expendable Puerto Rican bodies to fight and die for the united states, the u.s. has always considered Puerto Rico a strategically important military position in the Caribbean, even before invading the island in 1898. Puerto Rico's location gives the u.s. military access to North, Central, and South America, as well as a perfect location to train troops, test and store new weapons and defend u.s. interests in Latin America.

With the closure of u.s. military bases in Panama after the canal was transferred to Panama in 1999, Puerto Rico now has the highest concentration of u.s. military forces in Latina America and has the 17th largest National Guard among the 50 states and other "u.s. territories", and the percentage of reservists in P.R. exceeds the national (u.s.) average. Also, components of the u.s. Southern Command (USSouthcom), responsible for u.s. military activity in Latin America and the Caribbean, and United States Army South (USARSO), have relocated to Puerto Rico and the u.s. military occupies 25 percent of the land in Puerto Rico.

Currently there is no draft system, so the u.s. military is considered "all volunteer".
However, the ability to change this law resides with the u.s. government, which, of course Puerto Ricans have no control over.  So, if the u.s. should need to reestablish obligatory military service, Puerto Ricans, who have no voice in diplomatic discussions, or in u.s. foreign policy, would have to fight u.s. war(s) against their will, just as they did in the past.

Also, we see that although there is no "draft", the u.s. still sends a disproportionate number of non-white troops and other poor people to fight (and die) in its wars. The Pentagon's personnel records reveal that in East Harlem in 2004, over 90% of the enlistees into the u.s. military (not including the marines who did not provide sufficient data) were Latino and the percentage of recruits from East Harlem was 15 times higher than that of the wealthy (and largely white) Upper East Side which is located right below East Harlem in Manhattan. In the South Bronx, which has the largest population of Puerto Ricans in New York City, the number of recruits into the u.s. military last year was 38 times higher than that of the Upper East Side. Aggressive recruitment in ghetto schools, combined with advertising geared specifically towards the inner-city "hip hop generation" show clearly that the u.s. military continues to target poor non-white youth to fight its war(s).

In the last century, the only nation that has ever threatened the Puerto Rican people or
invaded P.R. is the united states itself, so the u.s. military presence in the island, and the use of so many Puerto Ricans by the u.s. military is both harmful and destructive to the Puerto Rican people or the Puerto Rican nation.

An independent Puerto Rico would reclaim the land on which u.s. military bases sit and use it for P.R. economic development, and provide futures for Puerto Rican youth that do not involve killing and dieing for colonialism. A real Puerto Rican armed force would be dedicated to protecting Puerto Rico's freedom and sovereignty, not to invading countries in the Middle East or anywhere else.

Posted by Joshua Breitbart on February 28, 2006 | Permalink


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A real Puerto Rican Armed Force would do what? My brother-in-law is from Puerto Rico, serves in the US Military and I know first hand that this so-called post is a complete farce! BTW, using a pointless participle like "so-called" is a waste as well.

Posted by: ren | Mar 9, 2006 1:06:47 AM


Great points. This post is inane, factually incorrect and intellectually lazy. This is basically a "cut and paste" of gibberish found at the NY Indymedia site.

With the military personnel system imploding as we speak - and opposition to the war growing - this site should strive to do better. This page could be a rally point for a constellation of folks concerned about the war, predatory recruiting and the like. There are REAL issues to discuss. Let's get to work.

I hope that sectarian bullshit like this does not get posted in the future.

Posted by: IRR Soldier... | Mar 9, 2006 11:10:58 AM

My sister has been to PR about five times in the last two years and talks with her husband quite often about this issue. He knows that PR is struggling and NOT because of American influence, but despite it. He said he considers himself to BE an American and knew, yes - perhaps unfortunately, that the US Military was his fastest, best way out. With two new brothers-in-law who are in the US Military as well, even though we are a white middle/middle-upper income level, he's made instant friends and opened doors that may have NEVER opened for him before. Call it what you like, perhaps it's NOT ideal, but to deny what it IS ~> is lunacy!

Posted by: REN | Mar 10, 2006 4:39:59 PM

couldn't get past the horrid grammar and spelling. inspire people with intelligence, not 2nd grade writing skills.

Posted by: concered citizen | Apr 27, 2006 8:23:36 AM

This is a fact of being an illegal or legal immigrant in this country you either suffer yourself and go without what others have so your future family within America can be more than lower class or suffer the facts of life. The united states is a class system and wealthier classes get to live more comfortably that lower classes do and if you didn’t figure this one out by now you should have probably spent more time on the analytical thinking parts of your home work. You are speaking of this like it is a new phenomenon this has been going on for hundreds of years the aggressive recruiting of immigrants and lower classes. African Americans serve as a huge part of the United States military. Why is that because they come from lower middle to middle class home and neighborhoods, so did the Irish when they first came here between est. 30 to 50 % of the casualties in the civil and revolutionary wars were Irish or of Irish decent.

My advise to you is not to blame the united states for you, your peoples, or your countries plight this is a fact of living in American society the reason your country is occupied by American military and American corporations is because it is unable to provide it self with enough economic stability and jobs for it’s own people. I apologize for being so harsh but I really hate when people talk about these things like it has been and is only affecting their people. It is not the way the united states treats it’s own (and bordering) peoples that is the biggest problem (although this is becoming a problem) but it is the united states global policy as a whole that is the major problem the united would not have to have troops stationed all over the world if it didn’t get itself involved in every war and military engagement it the last century in a half

(sorry about grammer and spelling i'm a bit Dyslexic)

Posted by: Syber_punk | May 3, 2006 2:31:33 PM

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Posted by: Naomi | Nov 13, 2006 10:01:30 AM

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Posted by: Max | Nov 18, 2006 7:40:14 AM

The people of PR have rejected the opportunity to request statehood. Instead they wish to remain independent of the rest of the United States. If the writer of this article wants to address the issue of not being represented in Congress or the right to vote, then he should also address the reasons why PR does not have any representatives in Congress.

Posted by: Vernon O'Neil | Jan 4, 2007 3:01:13 AM

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