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Federal Lawsuit Challenges "Miami Model"

The Miami Activist Defense and National Lawyers Guild filed a lawsuit in federal court today over the mishandling of protesters during the FTAA protests in Miami. The suit [read PDF version] accuses the City of Miami, Mayors Diaz and Penelas, Police Chief Timoney, Homeland Defense Secretary Ridge, US Attorney General Ashcroft and others of violating people's Constitutional rights during last November's FTAA protests and implementing a plan to unlawfully arrest hundreds of people.

The lawsuit charges "Law enforcement coordinated an all out assault on the First Amendment, engaging in widespread political profiling, and swept the streets of anyone viewed as being an anti-FTAA activist, effectively suspending the Fourth Amendment in the city for ten days."

For background on the Miami protests read Jeremy Scahill's "The Miami Model" (Democracy Now!) or Michelle Goldberg's "This is Not America" (Salon).

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