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NYPD Sets June 15 Deadline for RNC Protest Permits

This news from 1010 Wins: "Groups that want to demonstrate during the Republican National Convention this summer need to submit their applications by June 15th. That's the word today from Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly [Read NYPD press release]. Kelly says that groups should submit applications to the Police Department by June 15th for permits for sound devises or marches. So far, 17 organizations -- ranging from anti-war to abortion rights groups -- have either formally applied for permits or have indicated that they intend to do so."

Flashback: It remains unclear how many groups have taken out protest permits, the police are now saying 17, but the mayor's office in March said "1,000 groups had asked for permits.

Update: The Spanish-language New York daily El Diario is urging the Bloomberg administration to reconsider the June 15th ban: "The U.S. Constitution guarantees 'the right of the people to peaceably assemble.' Nowhere does it say we have to give three-months notice... We remind city, state and federal law enforcement agencies that they are charged with keeping us safe and secure, but also with upholding our constitutional rights, including the right of the people to assemble." ["The Right to Protest (With a Permit)" || "El derecho a la protesta (con permiso)"]

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thanks very much for addressing Kevin Sheekey's statement that over 1,000 groups had already requested permits as of March 29th. what ever happened to that figure? there was nothing unclear about that official quote - nothing unclear about the article it was in.

the otherworldly new smaller figures (13 or 17, etc) are spread around without any official attribution. can you cite anything concrete?

950+ disappearing permit requests is a big story. the only reason this isn't front page news is because the major peace organizations are just as desperate to downplay and control snowballing levels of dissent as the corporate bought politicians and their masters are.

saw some other discussions here and here


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