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4,000 NYC Convention Volunteer Slots Still Unfilled

According to a recent article in the New York Times, more than half the volunteer slots for the Republican National Convention remain unfilled. Says the article: "The city is contractually obligated to enlist 8,000 volunteers, and so far, [ex-Mayor Ed] Koch said, 4,000 have signed up."

For those keeping score: in early April, Mayor Bloomberg told a press conference that they'd been contacted by 2,500 people interested in volunteering; by mid-April, though, the Times reported that ony 1,400 had signed up on the website. So in two months, the Republicans have added about 2,600 volunterrs, or an average of 300 per week.

For a city of 8 million, not even counting the suburbs, can we just note how sad those numbers seem? Will all the city Republicans be in the Hamptons that week? Who knows. While the RNC probably will fill its quota by August, let's just note that the response doesn't seem to be overwhelming.

Of course, thats not even taking into account the Shadow Protest ...

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They'll end up paying the "volunteers" if it comes down to it.

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