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Transit Workers Suspected of RNC Bomb Threats

Nick at TomDispatch passed this along to RNCWatch:

First it was the web-based anarchist threat that nobody but the cops and the Daily News could ever locate; then it was the cop who blew himself up while bombing the subway; now transit workers are in on the act...

The Daily News reports: "Transit authorities workers may have vandalized their own trains with threatening messages of a terrorist attack, police said. The graffiti found on the No. 1 line included warnings of a bomb during the Republican National Convention and threats to the President, according to one employee who was interviewed by cops and shown copies of the writings."

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yea! trnsit workers issuing death threats to shrubya! right on!

now if only we could get a general strike during the rnc...

Posted by: joe hill | Aug 2, 2004 10:34:53 PM

i think that the government was wrong for telling WNBC not to inform the officials about the bomb threat.Now the New York citizens are concerned why the officials didn't let them know sooner.If i was a New York citizen i would have wanted to know sooner for earlier action to get out of the city just incase something actually did go down.

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