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Over 5,000 Bike in Critical Mass; 260+ Arrested

In the first major protest connected to the Republican National Convention, between 5,000 and 10,000 bikers took to the streets Friday in the largest Crtical Mass bike ride in city history. As bikers left the starting point at Union Square, police distributed flyers warning of arrests. After a relatively quiet first hour, police swarmed in making mass arrests in three areas: near Madison Square Garden, just south of 14th Street and on Second Avenue near St. Mark's Church. The Village Voice reports at least 264 arrests were made. For extensive coverage of the ride including photos and video visit NYC Indymedia.

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Talk about opening a Pandora's Box.

Posted by: sest | Aug 28, 2004 5:02:43 AM

What!! i thought America was the land of free speech - how can they arrest a peaceful protest. You guys are more screwed than we thought. Keep away from our shores if this is how you treat your own.

Posted by: Kiwi | Aug 28, 2004 8:06:13 AM

I was listening to the whole thing, live, on Internet radio. The pigs clearly committed unprovoked -- often brutal -- attax on the riders.
Clearly their main intent is to intimidate people from showing up for Sunday's march -- making their assault on the Critical Mass ride a clearly political and criminal act (besides being about their usual glee at 'legally' being able to assault people they don't like, and their incredibly obscene and wholly criminal intent to use these arrests and criminal assaults as a *test* of their system before Sunday and beyond).

I was less than impressed by the lack of appropriate response of all the laid-back and too-cool people. All the usual "whenever" lack of thinking things out and planning (no matter all the actual planning on the ground). What, me worry..? Even people organizing for support in the middle of the night is really too little too late, no matter the hard work of some (not enuff) people.
These remarks are certain to twist noses. So what. The entire anti-RNC is being mismanaged (this is already apparent), no matter how many months of "planning" have been undertaken, no matter the few groups that are probabky doing a great job.
Good intentions are no substitute for proper strategy. Ever. And this goes for the anti-capitalist movement as a whole, since I'm bringing that subject up.

This first calculating assault by the pigs on the citizenry, in advance of the RNC, is an OUTRAGE -- and the pigs should be racked and pilloried in the courts and the responsible media by all those phalanxes of lawyers who've organized for just such eventualities as this. It is a provocation and it must not go unanswered. That will only encourage the fascists to take the next step and commit the next, more brutal affront to U.S. democracy.

Posted by: Comandante Gringo | Aug 28, 2004 12:17:12 PM

Look at the cover of the Daily News this morning. Bikers in zip-cord cuffs, glaring ominously up at the cameras, guarded diligently by New York's Finest. Reading the article, one gets the sense that these anarchists on two wheels ran roughshod over the streets of Manhattan, forcing their Marxist ideas on unsuspecting cabbies and long-suffering flat-feet. I applaud Critical Mass for a great ride and a great rally. It's too bad that New Yorkers whose only source of news comes in tabloid form will wake up this morning with a falsely negative impression of an event that was uplifting, positive, and unifying.

Posted by: Jack | Aug 28, 2004 12:17:48 PM

The arrested people to keep them out of their hair for the weekend. A friend of mine was taken in for "obstructing traffic." That was last night at 9pm and he is still being held.

I'd put Sunday night as the over/under of his release.

Posted by: Gestapo | Aug 28, 2004 6:28:06 PM

Uh... I saw pictures of the bikers holding their bikes over their head. That caused a traffic jam and prevented access by emergency vehicles. You have to stay within the rule of law. Sorry, just cuz you are 'dissenting' does not mean you can break the law and NOT be locked up. Duh!

Anywho... so far, not so bad. Obviously, when you guys break the law, the police are going to come down on you hard. Lesson: do not break the law, and respect the police. Otherwise, planned on getting your face jammed into the street, handcuffed, and spending some time in the wonderful NY Jails.

Have a nice protest.

Posted by: Don He | Aug 29, 2004 11:56:53 PM

My dear Gestapo, I agree with you fully,
when you break the law, you'll get arrested
and when you humiliate the police (apparently a capitol crime nowadays), you'll get arrested.
Most certainly, lesson learned, don't break laws, or even worse, disrepect out guardians. Who are doing a fantastic job of arresting US citizens (note, did you see a single one during the blackout; that's because they were all guarding the police headquarters; hm)

However, breaking the law in this case means riding two abreast (please read the official police handout meant to reassure riders).

In social studies last year, I vaugly remember something called Amendment I, but that may have been some other country.

Trivia, did you know in THE PEOPLE's REPIBLIC of CHINA, they don't fingerprint foreign tourists (like they do here, really), you don't need your passport to get into the next province, and people ride 3 or 4 abreast regularly.

Thank God we don't live in a fascist, communist, non-democratic state like that.
Here we have rights, and luckly, two parties (the two wings of the republican party), and a flawlest democratic system.


PS. as for the bikers holding their bikes over their heads, that isn't a crime as far as I know, and moreover, not all 264 bikers arrested were holding bikes over their heads

remember Gustapo, "knowing too soon" closes your mind to fruitful perception (I admit they were breaking the law), and the truth will be even hidden;
but then, I have forgotten the Allegory of the Cave

Posted by: Matt | Aug 30, 2004 6:12:01 PM

“A civil right is an enforceable right or privilege, which if interfered with by another gives rise to an action for injury.”

A "crime" is any act or omission (of an act) in violation of a public law forbidding or commanding it.

Where in the Democratic Convention encountered no organized interference!

So why any surprise at all when hearing your Amanda Right’s with nose firmly pressed against American concrete, as it seems these protesters will even protest the consequence of their free choice to participate in civil crime!

If you don’t like our United States laws, rather then push for anarchy, either pack up and leave or vote to change them… otherwise arrange for bail money or visitation of the incarcerated.

Posted by: Len | Aug 31, 2004 11:42:31 AM

I am so happy that Dan Rather is retiring. Many of us will remember him as Dan "Blather"!

Posted by: G. Hatfield | Sep 17, 2004 3:24:29 PM

I am so happy that Dan Rather is retiring. Many of us will remember him as Dan "Blather"!

Posted by: G. Hatfield | Sep 17, 2004 3:25:17 PM

it is funny how people tend to transform over time into what they hate most. I rember byciclist friends of mine telling me how much they hate motorists for being such a large group of loud obnoxious and ignorant people, shouting at and belittling byciclists because they feel that they have more of a right to the road. I'm not even going to get into the politics of critical mass, all that i know is that what i have seen on the streets and in videos of Critical Mass is disgraceful. It is that group mentality which hurts us all.

Posted by: Brenton | Nov 13, 2005 4:01:01 PM

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